Friday, December 09, 2011

What Is Your Sensory Plan?

At a meeting we were talking about a student's low alertness level and the need for sensory activities to give him a boost at specific times.  OTs often propose adding movement breaks, heavy work or touch activities.  This all makes more sense when you look at what you do to enhance your own participation throughout the day.  I, for one, am quite alert in the morning but lose it shortly after the sun goes down.  It has been a challenge this week with all the Christmas parties on the calendar.  I struggle to stand and make conversation when I am tired.  Today I planned ahead by providing a "sensory diet" for myself.  My idea was to swim.

I thought I was done with swimming for the year, but it was another 50 degree day.  In I went. Jumping into cold water makes you come out with a smile, perhaps even a bit giddy.  Believe me, I watch others who are doing the same.  I feel instantly energized and this has a lasting effect on me well into the evening.  I am more alert and definitely more social.  As a result, tonight's party was quite fun and I could actually enjoy it.  What is your sensory plan?

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