Monday, December 19, 2011

Seeking Movement

iMuseCubes is an app that encourages movement...short bits of movement whenever you need it.  For those who have high thresholds and seek movement to meet those thresholds, this little app is ideal.  
They describe it on itunes this way...

Step 1: Notice you're feeling stuck
Step 2: Shake your iMuseCubes
Step 3: You'll see two verbs. Do both at the same time!
Step 4: Repeat at least 3 times for best results
Research shows:
- Our brains evolved at a time when humans walked 12 miles a day.
- The way we move our bodies has a direct effect on the way we solve problems.
- Inspired thinking occurs during the moments of relaxation after focusing hard
- Playfulness increases efficiency, productivity, and overall health. Plus, it's fun!

iMuseCubes was designed with this research in mind. It shakes you out of your regular thinking grooves, giving you access to the brains in your whole body. With iMuseCubes you get to howl, wiggle and whoop your way to new perspectives and greater productivity."

My son and I tried them last night.  I never like shaking my ipad, so luckily they had a shake button.  The sound affects had us both chuckling.  The "laugh" cube was the most contagious but the "howl" cube got us giggling too.  Check out the MuseCubes blog here.  Besides the app, you can buy the actual cubes or make your own!

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