Monday, December 05, 2011

Diving In

Last June, after the school year ended, I started thinking of habits.  They say it takes 21 days to establish one.  Getting in the water each day of July came to mind.  There were no strings attached.   I just had to submerge.  This promised to be easy since I was in Newport for the summer, down the block from the bay and only a couple of miles from the ocean.  As the days came and went, I soon learned to jump in whenever the opportunity presented itself and the earlier in the day, the better.  I leaped from the pier, swam off the boat ramp at high tide and dove in the waves after a morning run on the beach.  There were a few challenges, sure.  I had a conference in Boston that took me away from my water holes.  This required me to take predawn dips in the town lake (it was questionable whether swimming was allowed, but I didn't look too closely).  I drove out of my way to find a pond out in the country.  Back home again other challenges popped up, but each came with a lesson.  I learned to stay calm swimming in the midst of jellyfish that felt like a sea of tapioca.  Red tide caused me to close my eyes, but I kept my strokes going.  A thunderstorm appeared out of nowhere and I never swam so fast towards the shore!  Some of these swims were solo but many were with family members and friends.  It is always encouraging to have someone to share in your antics.

Thirty one days of July passed by, each day with a water adventure.  Before I knew it, August was half over and I was still getting in the water.  Why not keep up the streak?  I ended August with the same record, despite Hurricane Irene's visit.  Now, whenever the opportunity presents itself, I can't help myself.  I need to get in the water.  We have been having a string of warm days here outside Boston in December.  Today was close to 60 degrees.  I swam at Walden pond after work.  It energized me, especially in these waning days of sunlight.

Now I am applying this same habit training to my blog.  I will write one post daily.  No stings attached.  It may be just an image, but it will be a daily visit.  As I look at the last time I posted, I realize I need this shot in the arm.  So here goes.  I am diving in!


Sean Sweeney said...

Wow! Red Tide- that's nothing compared to can do it, Beth!

(P.S. I can't talk 'cause I don't blog everyday but write a lot of posts in advance).

Beth Lloyd said...

It makes sense both ways, Sean! Thanks for your encouragement.