Thursday, December 29, 2011

Apps for Bystanders - Dazzle Your Writing and Drawing

Doodle Buddy is one of my most used apps for drawing and writing.  Kids like to choose their writing tool color but typically they use a white background.  How can we adapt this for Bystanders?  First, use a black background and a neon type color (yellow, orange, pink) to provide a good contrast.  Then, make your pen size thicker.  You would be surprised what a difference this makes.


You can choose from the list of stickers to draw or write.  Most come with a sound.  Why not use the fire sticker to write a letter F?   Can't you just hear the crackle?  No, really you can.  Giggle along with the smiley face sticker to make an S.  Hear the ball bouncing as you execute a B.

Here are a few more thoughts on intensifying sensory input:
  • Use two fingers to draw to increase the touch feedback.
  • Choose the glitter tool to write...visually engaging, but no mess!
  • Pick an interesting background as your "paper".

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