Monday, December 12, 2011

Seeking Apps

    LineArt by PDJ Apps
Seekers: We know you are out there, if you just stop moving or fidgeting or listening to your favorite music.  How do we satisfy your need for "more" - more sights, more sound, more movement, more touch, more tastes and more smells?

Let's start with this app, Line Art.  It will provide the touch and visual stimulation you crave.  It is interactive visual art created by thousands of particles that move with your touch.  The color and patterns change as you move your fingers.  Click on the camera icon when you want to save an image.

If you are a true "Seeker," you won't want to put this down.  How would this support participation in life?  Usually I have a hard time talking on the phone for extended times unless I am moving.  Back when phones had cords, I would doodle the time away.  I can imagine sitting and talking on my cell if I have this in hand!  It is free for this holiday season.  You'll want to get your hands on this.


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