Saturday, December 17, 2011

Seeking Visuals

I am a visual person.  When I create a presentation, I always open up iphoto to peruse my pictures.  It is the image that sparks a thought or idea.  That is why I love Pinterest -  a virtual cork board that allows you to "pin" images clipped from the Internet.  You can create different boards depending on your interests.  Below are a couple of my boards.

Not only does Pinterest allow you to organize all the snazzy things you find on the web, but you can share them and browse the boards of others to find inspiration and cool ideas. Once you install a button to your toolbar, you can add pins in a snap.

Of course, there is an app for it.   I actually like to use the computer for viewing boards, but this works in a pinch.  If you have a camera on your device, you can take a picture and pin it on a board which is handy.  If you feel like a little eye candy, this will definitely satisfy.

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