Sunday, December 11, 2011

Apps for Sensory Patterns

I admit it.  I am an App hog.  I have more apps than I know what to do with.  With over 425,000 third-party apps officially available on the App Store, how do you begin to make sense of it all?  People are constantly trying to categorize them into manageable groups. There are lists for productivity, entertainment, creativity, health and lifestyle.  Under education, we have lists for math, literacy, writing and languages.  There are app lists for all types of disabilities: autism, language disorders, hearing impairment and low vision.  This series of posts will help us make "sense" of this confusing maze of apps.
Sensory patterns can be used to look at all facets of our lives.  After all, the goal of understanding your senses is to "live sensationally".  Using Winnie Dunn's sensory patterns, let's take a peek at apps that might be more suited to our particular sensory styles.

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