Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Visualizing Time

I don't wear a watch, but I am quite accurate at telling the correct time within a few minutes.  I don't use an alarm clock but I can wake up just by setting my internal alarm.   Still, time escapes me.  I should say the "passage of time."   I never know how long a task will take me.  I stink at cooking because I can't coordinate the timing of all the items.  I am constantly surprised with the change of seasons. "What, it's winter already?  What happened to fall?"  I am sure I have a different perception of time than most.  My favorite calendar app looks like this:

That's why I love Time Timers.  They are handy little clocks that demonstrate the passage of time in a simple, clear manner.  They come in 3 different sizes.  The current models have an optional audible signal upon completion.  You can get the TimeTimer as an iphone/ipad app or software for your computer.  This video explains them well.

Our students benefit greatly from knowing how long they will be working on a task.  For all they know, it could be forever!  Give them the benefit of time.

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