Monday, January 16, 2012

Celebrating Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King, Jr. encouraged everyone to participate in civic life, so a wonderful way to remember him is to give something to your community.  Check out City Year or Volunteers Match programs near you for sponsored events or make up your own.

Download this free book in honor of Martin Luther King Day.  I wish I had this last week when one of the classrooms I work in was talking about this very subject.

The story of Rosa Parks is told through a young girl's eyes. The message is that one person can make a difference and that people make change by joining together. 

This book offers word help on underlined words. The page flips over to give added explanations and picture support for comprehension.

sample page
word help

Rosa Parks (level J) is part of Reading a-z leveled book series.  They have created a list of itunes books according to reading levels and offer one free book app at each level

After volunteering with your community, curl up with a good book!

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