Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Apps for Sensors - Visual Background

Gaze HD - lite provides nine video scenes to "gaze" upon.  Think of these as ways to block out other visual distractions.  You can set it to shuffle through the scenes, but keep it on one preferred scene for the Sensor.  Remember, they don't need random stimulation.  There is an option to play natural sounds that make the view more realistic.   In addition, there is a sleep mode that allows you to set a time before it fades to black.  This would be a great help for those who detect everything to fall asleep, don't you think?

Encourage Sensors to chose a visual background that is most suitable to their needs.  They can sit in front a cozy fire, a waterfall, a snowy day or other restful scenes.  This might just be enough to help structure the setting and limit the variety of visual stimuli coming into view.  It's free, so give it a go.  A paid version with more scenes can be purchased here.

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