Saturday, January 14, 2012

Apps for Avoiders - Integrating Movement


The overall approach to intervention for Sensory Avoiders is to offer discriminating sensory information to honor their low thresholds so they may engage in useful routines and habits.  Discriminating  movements are those that repeat in a simple sequence much like rocking in a rocking chair.  These repetitive head and body movements help to calm a child who is overstimulated.  Having sounds repeated in a rhythm through a simple sequence or beat is discriminating as well.   

Now that we know that repetitive, linear movement helps to organize us, what would happen if this was paired up with a frightening sound?  Balloon Pop does just that.  In order to pop the balloon, you need to shake the device up and down.  Do this is a rhythmical fashion and the child is using linear movement while the balloons pop.  The sound turns into a simple beat instead of an unpredictable surprise.  See if this helps you Avoiders acclimate to the sound.

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