Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Apps for Avoiders - Bring on the Noise

Even the most everyday sounds can be bothersome to Avoiders.  Part of Avoiders' ability to handle noise is through control.  They can prepare themselves if they are in the driver seat.  There are apps that target typical sounds in our world (animals, vehicles, environmental noises).  Given the chance to choose the sounds and listen after controlling the volume, the Avoider can prepare their nervous system and desensitize to the noise.  Sounds are not so offensive if the volume is turned down.

Pocket Sounds is a collection of everyday sounds.  There are six pages with eight sounds on each.  The first five pages are sounds of objects and animals.  The last page contains longer sound clips to listen to while falling asleep, relaxing or doing homework. There is a large volume slider at the bottom of each page for quick access to sound levels (no need to fumble with the side volume button on the iPad).  How would this encourage participation at school or home?

  • Perhaps the students are going on a field trip.  A child who may be bothered by the unexpected animal sounds can listen to farm animal sounds to become more comfortable in this environment. 
  • Is the fire department visiting the school?  Expose the student to emergency sounds to explore.  
  • Going on a vacation?  Have your child listen to airplane, traffic and crowds of people.
  • Opening day is less than three months away.  Listen to the crowd "boo" (especially helpful if you are at Fenway and the Red Sox face the Yankees). 
  • Finish the session with a favorite relaxing sound on the last page.  Remember, Avoiders do well with routine, so stick to one song they enjoy.  I like the garden sounds.  It makes me feel like spring can't be too far away!

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