Sunday, January 08, 2012

Apps for Avoiders - Keep the Volume Down Low

Ringer icon: screen shot from Auracle - Winter Is app by Auryn
Is there anything more annoying than turning on the car when someone left the radio blasting?  This unexpected noise can happen when we open up a story book on the iPad with the volume turned all the way up.  Let's teach Avoiders how to control the volume on their device in a quick efficient manner.
  • The volume button is a rocker switch on the side of the device.  Keep pressing it to adjust the volume down or up.  If you want to quickly mute it, hold it down steady for about two seconds.
  • The side switch above the volume rocker button can be set to lock the screen in portrait or landscape orientation OR to mute notifications and other sound effects.  If you want to use this button for muting, go to Settings > General > "Use the Side Switch to..., " then tap Mute.  This will turn the sound off  in apps. The side switch does not mute audio or video playback such as music and movies.   You still have to hold down the rocker switch for this. 
  • To set a volume limit when listening to music, go to Settings > Music > Volume Limit.
  • Have Avoiders customize their own sound effects.  If they don't like that swoosh sound when they send email, choose from over 25 sounds...maybe a choo choo?  Go to Settings > General  > Sounds  > Sent Mail and choose an effect.
  • Adjust the alerts volume: Go to Settings  > General  > Sounds and drag the slider. 
  • Turn off the keyboard clicks if these bother a student with avoiding tendencies.  (I do this in meetings so as not to offend others)!  Go to Settings > General  > Sound  > Keyboard Clicks and turn to off.


School System Occupational Therapist in Virginia said...

Think you wrote this just for me. Now I need to get an iPad! Karen

Beth Lloyd said...

I view it as an essential tool, both working with students and for my own productivity. I haven't handwritten (or lost!) a note in over a year.

I have been loving your blog for a long time now, Karen.