Monday, October 22, 2007

World Series Here We Come!

Just Happy...We're in!

"World Series week indicates that baseball is one of America's major disturbances." - Bugs Baer

Everyone in the Red Sox Nation is looking towards a week of late nights and emotional exhaustion. School function will definitely be affected. Remember October 2004?

What a great opportunity to bring the passion of baseball into the classroom. To read more about World Series history, check out this link.

Add a little geography by going to Google Earth to see the locations of past winners. Someone from the Google Earth community produced a collection of placemarks showing the winners of Major League Baseball's World Series from 1903 through 2005. By clicking on the team logo you can go directly to the stadium. This post from the Google Earth Blog will get you there.

Here's a math activity your students may enjoy. Click on World Series Winners under the worksheet collection. Most of all, enjoy the ride!

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