Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sensory Summer - Looking Back

I started each day this summer with a barefoot run on the beach. What a sensory delight. The sand was freshly raked by tractors in the predawn hours each morning. I joined them as they were finishing their task, believing it was prepared just for me!

How do you start your day? What sensory activities do you have in place to make your day go smoothly? Now think of your children and students. What could they do to give their day a boost? Perhaps your child would benefit from a walk to school, a romp on the playground or a quiet moment listening to music. Sensory preferences vary just as our fingerprints do. There is no one sensory plan or sensory diet that works for everyone. We are all individuals with unique sensory preferences.

To read more about the variety of sensory preferences in everyday life, read Winnie Dunn's new book, Living Sensationally. It is hot off the press this month. I am waiting for mine to come in the mail. You can send for yours through Amazon. Click on the book image below.

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sensory one said...

thanks for putting this book on your blog!
It has a tone of good ideas, and will be helpful to everyone!