Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Today is...


Here are some fun activities you can do in class today to celebrate the number nine. Thanks to Jen at Far-Out Links to Learning. I think I'll have my students take nine deep breaths to start off their morning.


Anonymous said...

Hi there
I'm an OT student in south Brazil and i'm the president of our Academic Center and we are making one questionary to met the OT in other countries.
This questionary will be published in our Blog( it will be put in the pin board of our university.
Help us to met the OT!
Thank you very much for answering,
Cassiano Robert from Brasil

Richard said...


Given the ever growing need for Occupational Therapists, I put together an article with a list of financial aid options for those hoping to enter the field. If you wouldn’t mind, could you share my article with your readers?

Here's the post:

Many thanks!

Beth said...

I would love to participate in your survey. Do you have a specific link or post for your questionnaire? I visited your blog and couldn't locate it. I will also need to translate it, but that is not difficult.

Thanks, Beth

Brad said...

That's pretty interesting

I have forgot to notice that but thnx to you have have noticed me about it.

Distance Learning