Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Summer Ends

Summer is a valuable time for removing yourself from routine tasks and dreaming a bit. Where did your path lead you? Are your ready for the adventure of school?

I once asked the three year old daughter of friends how her parents were doing. She responded, "Same old, same old."

Really? How can anything in your life be "same old, same old" when you are only three? Can we describe our classrooms and work in school in a similar manner? Bring in your dreams, new designs and fresh approaches. Keep learning. Join twitter for your professional growth. Let the journey begin!


Amy said...

Back in 2009 you wrote a post about pencil olympics before handwriting. Is this an activity you still feel is worthwile?
Mine name is Amy Hossack. I work at Shanghai American School in Shanghai, China. It is a brilliant school with brilliant resources but we don't have things like OTs or Speech Therapists in the city to refer families to. I teach first grade and my team and I are looking for some ideas to help out our struggling handwriters.
Any ideas, websites, etc would be appreciated.

class blog

Beth said...


Yes, pencil olympic activities are a great warm up for any writing task. Here is a useful resource for struggling writers:

Handwriting Without Tears is a proven way to teach handwriting. We have just adopted it at our school. I love the multisensory approach. The site has many resources to check out.