Thursday, January 08, 2009

Learn From the Animals

We've had our fair share of ice here in the Boston area recently. Yesterday the Boston Globe gave some tips on navigating safely on this slippery surface. Their main suggestion was to walk like a penguin. It is such a great visual image, isn't it? Although it looks funny, it's not as silly as it seems.

- Keep your knees loose and lower your center of gravity.
- Use a wide based gait with your feet pointed out slightly.
- Walk flat footed on troubled areas and take shorter steps.
- Extend your arms to the sides to keep your balance.

These few changes to your body mechanics may just keep you on your feet. Who wants to try managing on crutches or with your arm in a sling?

image by odolphie


Karen Janowski said...

I read that article, too, just in time for when I was walking the dog outside. Loved the visual image - i'll never forget it!
Speaks to the effectiveness of offering multiple representations (a UDL principle).
Great to see you blogging again!

Beth said...

You're right about the power of the visual image. I see it in my mind each time I encounter the ice! Great connection to UDL!