Monday, March 31, 2008

Kids First

Autism: The Musical

This uplifting documentary explores one L.A. woman's pledge to lead a group of autistic children in defying diagnosed expectations by writing, rehearsing and performing their own full-length musical.
Autism: The Musical has been making the rounds at film festivals this year. I missed it when it was playing in Newport, Rhode Island. Last week the full documentary was available to watch online for free and I had time to watch only half of it. This week it seems to be removed, so I am out of luck again! If you have HBO, you can watch it this month, however. The schedule of showings can be found on their site.

I am impressed with the uniqueness and difference of each child in this film. It reminds me that they are kids first, kids who happen to have autism. Let's try to unlease the creativity in all children. They will surprise us!

Thanks to Karen Janowski for her post on this inspiring musical. Read her thoughts and reflections here.

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