Sunday, March 09, 2008

Doodling in Class

Doodling in class doesn't always have to be bad. At times, it can enable a student to listen to classroom instruction. I know because drawing engages my attention when I am stuck talking on the phone longer than I like! After finishing a conversation, I usually am amazed how much I covered a page in scribbles and designs without being fully aware of what I was drawing.

Doodling can help a student transition from one task to another. I observed one youngster draw an on-off switch, tap it and move on to what the teacher asked the class to do.

For some youngsters, drawing is a strength that should continue to be strengthened. It might be the exact thing that determines their career path. There is a powerful connection between the hand and the mind. If you have a budding artist in your midst, think of how you can harness this ability and use it to improve other skills.
  • draw out a plan for a story using a storyboard
  • tell stories by drawing a comic strip
  • help understand social situations by drawing out social stories
  • draw out math problems to fully understand concepts
  • sketch out scientific processes
  • improve reading comprehension by drawing scenes from a book
Celebrate the strengths of our students. Be amazed at their talents. Use them wisely!

Take 5 minutes to watch this incredible video that honors an individual's strength.

photo citation: karindaiziel

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Paul Hamilton said...

Thanks for this excellent post. I believe you are right on about the potential productivity of doodling. There are many learners in all our classrooms whose "doodling" should be encouraged! I'm marking this one as a post to be shared in my Reader. --Paul