Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Play While You Learn...It's a Fact (multiplication)

While I was on Twitter, I came upon an interesting site. What is Twitter, you ask? Well that is for another post. Suffice to say that I get most of my interesting sites these days thanks to my Twitter network.

This one is from Jeff Utecht. In U Tech Tips, he writes about a math game called Timez Attack. It allows kids to practice multiplication facts in a video game format. People in the educational community have differing opinions about the value of video games. I personally would like to see students be creators and collaborators when on computers, but I can still see the value in making a task that requires automatization engaging for youngsters.

The Base version teaches 2s through 12s and is free. I would suggest kids giving this a try at home. Guaranteed they will not complain about doing this homework!

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