Thursday, November 29, 2012

Back and Running

Taking the first step is key in a lot of areas of life.  Take for instance our morning running group at Hosmer.  Typically we start it up each spring, but I get questions from kids each fall about when we are running again.  I have good intentions, but beginning school activities always crowd out these intentions, forcing them to the bottom of my to-do list.

Well, right before Thanksgiving, I printed out two signs, taped them on the door of the school and announced that we were running to start our day. at the big field at 8:00 am and back in at 8:15 am every Monday and Wednesday.  Is this a questionable time of year to start an outside activity in the Northeast?  Yes! Are we doing it anyway? Yes...and that is exactly why we are doing it!  Doing the "unexpected" adds fun to your life.

I always pair my other good intentions with physical activity.  Last year after jumping into a body of water everyday for a month, I decided to start a habit of posting to this blog every day for a month.  Now that we are running two days a week, I might as well try to post two days a week as well.  Here goes...

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