Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sitting Sensory Seekers

Keeping sensory seekers in their seat is not easy. We use a variety of solutions, from Move'n Sit cushions to wrapping Theraband around the desk legs. We schedule movement breaks and allow our students to stand to work. When touring colleges with my son and daughter over the past years, I noticed interesting chair options which provide movement and positional changes. I wondered why we don't have these in grades 1 - 12?

Well, thanks to a flickr group I belong to, I recenty saw an interesting chair used in schools. The Zumo Rocker from Virco offers us another way to embed movement naturally. It stands out from the typical line of school furniture because it provides moderated range of movement for the antsy student. The rocker chair comes in seat heights from 13" - 18" to accommodate students from preschool to high school. Do you know anyone that needs to move to learn? Here is another option!


leadoffdouble said...

Thanks for the note. I piloted these in my class last year. They are very effective for students with various sensory diets. They are less intrusive than the ball chairs or inflatable nubby cushions.


School System Occupational Therapist in Virginia said...

Just discovered your blog and love it! Will review it more when school starts up again next week. I've just begun a little blog and perhaps there will be ideas you might find useful as the year progresses. Thx.