Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Connections That Continue After the Bell Rings

The bell rings and the school day is officially over. Now what? You would be surprized how students are connecting, sharing and creating on their own. A case in point is the new Students 2.0 site.
For the first time ever in the history of the internet, we have created a global edublog that is administered, designed, edited, and written by students, and only students. In an otherwise teacher-dominated blogging community, we have decided to speak up and let ourselves be heard. Hailing from Hawaii and Washington, from St. Louis and Chicago, from Vermont, New York, Scotland, Korea, and other points on the globe, we have one goal in mind: expressing our opinions and perspectives about education with clarity and confidence. We plan on contributing our unique and insightful perspectives with the objective to better the world of education.
If you are curious about the world our students live in, stop by often to read their views. Begin with this post from a Vermont high schooler who writes about the importance of his global villages and how they are segregated from his school experience. Why are our school doors so tightly shut?

Connection to occupational therapy: access, inclusion

photo citation - Shareski

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