Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jott - Improve Productivity

Introducing your very own personal assistant. No, you don't need to hire anyone. Instead sign up for a free account at Jott. Use your voice to help you remember things, to make lists and to organize your life. Why write things down anymore, especially if you are on the go most of the day. Pickup your cellphone and start jotting!

Added thought: There is always a student that struggles with copying down the homework. It never seems to get into the agenda book before the bell rings. Items may be missing due to visual motor challenges. Why not have the student send themselves a jott, using their voice to record the daily homework? It gets sent as a text message or email. Problem solved!

Connection to occupational therapy: modifying the task

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Megan said...

I agree wholeheartedly! A whole host of copying from the board problems can really benefit from Jott. Now if only these kids could use their cell phones in the classroom... :)

Sharing Jott with these kids will help them cope in a world that can't always accommodate them.