Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Get Happy in the Next Hour

Gretchen Rubin has a blog, The Happiness Project, which is the title of her upcoming book dealing with the challenges of being happy. In her most recent post, she talks about seven tips for making yourself happier IN THE NEXT HOUR. They are well worth trying. I especially like the first tip, "Boost Your Energy". She states
...when people move faster, their metabolism speeds up, and the activity and sunlight are good for your focus, your mood, and the retention of information.
This is why recess is so important. It gives kids a boost that carries them through the rest of the day, better prepared for learning.

On the Hosmer student blog, Work With Wings, one student describes how he starts his day. I would say he walks to class a bit happier!

Thank you to Joe Shlabotnik for his photo shared on Flickr.

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