Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Organizing is Here to Stay!

January is Go Get Organized Month. Getting organized is a lot easier than staying organized. A key element is scheduling time in the day to maintain the order you have achieved. Students need time throughout the day to file papers as they go. Walking them through the steps is essential sometimes. Be sure to keep an eye on those students who go for the shove method! It is also helpful to have a once weekly desk clean-out to clear the unwanted litter.

Even with this structure, some students struggle with the spatial order of materials. The less materials to manage in a desk, the better. In these cases, you can add a seat sack to the back of the chair to keep essential items (agenda notebooks, homework folders).

Look for upcoming examples of adaptations for spatial order!

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Karen Janowski said...

Your blog is an outstanding example of what an excellent school-based OT blog can be! Well done. Thanks for sharing great tips that we can all use!

(And thanks for enabling comments!)