Thursday, December 01, 2005

The School Function Quick Tip - pencil olympics

Pencil Olympics!

No need for fancy items to practice hand skills needed for writing. Use the common everyday pencil! Pencil Olympics are few quick exercises to do before a writing task with the whole class. They include skiing (walking up and down your pencil with your fingers), the flying camel (rotating the pencil in the air), and weight lifting (straightening and bending fingers as you hold the pencil). Are you curious to see the "triple flip" and the "balance beam"? Come by room 213 and get a handout from Lynda or Beth. We guarantee your students will write longer and more efficiently if you schedule this in your day.


Anonymous said...

great ideas thank you.any hope of p0sting the handout for those of us who can't get to your classroom?

Beth said...

The Pencil Olympics are from Susan J. Amundson's book called Trics For Written Communication. It is available from Pocketfull of Therapy, P.O Box 174, Morganville, NJ 07751. I highly recommend the book if you work in the schools!